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Projects and results

Cooperation delivers results in Moldova's construction sector

A better working relationship between the trade union and employers' organisations in Moldova's construction sector paves the way for higher minimum wages, more training and less informal work.

New social dialogue institution helps the Philippines cope with the coronavirus crisis

In 2018, labour market organisations established the first national bipartite institution in the Philippines. The “Leaders Forum” has helped the government see the country through the COVID-19 pandemic

Partnership offers new methods to improve framework conditions in Ukraine

Reliable data are crucial for labour market organisations when trying to influence their business climate. For FEU (the Federation of Employers of Ukraine) their partnership with the Confederation of Danish Industry is a shortcut to many years of experience with evidence-based protection of interests.

From temporary to permanent employment: East African workers on solid ground

It all started with OHS, intricate negotiations and campaigns. Now, the conditions for the workers in the informal economy are improved.

A groundbreaking collective agreement for the public sector in Uganda

A collective agreement covering almost all public sector employees in Uganda is one of the largest achievements of the trade unions in the country

Labour conflict in Colombia solved with international support

New collective bargaining agreement secures decent work in port terminal