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The Trade Union in Zanzibar renews itself

More women and young people – both as members and leaders – are the result of consistent equality policy

“It is important to prepare young people to become future leaders in the Trade Union. Most workers are young, and they have the energy needed by the trade unions in order to change”.

Thus says one of the youngest trade union leaders on Zanzibar, 38-year-old Yahya Alawy Omar, who has been elected as secretary-general and chief executive of Zanzibar’s oldest union, the Seafarers Union ZASU (Zanzibar Seafarers Union).

Yahya Alawy Omar’s electoral success is a direct result of the strategic plan for renewing the trade union movement, e.g. through systematic youth- and gender policies. The DTDA has supported the process with workshops for youth and women to prepare them for the new era.

Youth and women are the engine for change

"Union training of women and young people is the engine for change in the trade union movement – and to ensure sustainability within the trade unions. There is a need for more educated young people and women for potential executive posts,”  says Zanzibar´s Trade Union Confederation (ZATUC annual report).

Currently, there are 15 youth representatives present in the decision-making bodies within the trade unions – with Yahya Alawy Omar elected for the top position. In terms of gender equality, there are 48 women decision-makers in different trade unions. Approximately, one-third of the members of the trade union movement are women.

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