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An inclusive labour market

The right to a decent job is a human right. A decent job is a job with decent pay and CBA negotiated working conditions. This includes a healthy and safe working environment, the right to organize and bargain collectively, and room for diversity. An inclusive labour market gives room for everyone to participate - regardless of gender, age, sexuality, disability, health, ethnic origin, and civic status, such as citizenship. 

Social partners play a key role in creating an inclusive labour market. 

The Danish Labour Market Consortium works to promote equality on the labour market, with equal access to decent jobs and economic independence.

Through our partners, we work to promote equality and inclusiveness in labour market organisations, in workplaces, in industries and sectors, as well as at national level. 

We support social dialogue between workers and employers as a methodology to improve inclusion. We support our partners in their work for equality through both legislation and collective agreements, as well as through the HR- and occupational health and safety policies of companies. 

Workers in the informal economy, including refugees and migrants, are some of the most disadvantaged groups on the labour market. Through our local partners, we promote their access to decent jobs with basic labour rights. This includes the rights to organize themselves and bargain collectively. Membership of trade unions provides access to knowledge, training, and support, including the ability to demand formal contracts and access to social benefits. 

We also support the local partners in working politically to curb unregulated economic zones and social dumping. And not least, we support the partners to advocate for improved access to technical education and training for vulnerable groups. Thereby supporting them to increase their chance of getting a formal and decent job.