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The private sector in East Africa embraces the Sustainable Development Goals

During the SDG8-conference in Copenhagen, business organisations from Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya realized that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be used to develop competitive businesses. Now, Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) works to make businesses embrace the SDGs and to challenge the government to take an active role in the fight for a sustainable future

“There is a need to be proactive and come up with strategies that increases sustainability of production while maintaining workplaces and production in Kenya,” says Tobias Alando from KAM.

If business associations from developing countries get the chance to meet, they can learn best practices not just from DI but also from each other. That was the main impetus behind the SDG8 conference that took place in Industriens Hus in November 2018. 

Kenya Association of Manufacturers left with new ideas on how to make the private sector more sustainable. Now, the organisation is fighting for more public-private partnerships and a more pro-active approach from businesses.

The business community must lead the way

In Kenya, the SDGs are not very well-known. To change that, KAM is collaborating with DI on a concept that will increase awareness and give companies concrete tools to integrate the sustainable development goals in their business models. The first step is to mobilize 10-20 companies that will become SDG role models. KAM hopes that if the private sector leads the way, the rest of the country will follow.