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Ethiopian business organisation fights to improve the business climate

A constructive business community and a new liberal president bring hope of reforms to stabilize and future-proof the fragile Ethiopian economy
Af Confederation of Danish Industry

The inauguration of the Nobel Peace prize winner Abiy Ahmed as president of Ethiopia in 2018 was met with high expectations from the Ethiopian business organization AACCSA. During his first year in power, Abiy Ahmed made good on his liberal visions by removing restrictions on free speech. Now, AACCSA is seizing the opportunity to influence political reforms through public debate. 

According to the World Bank, Ethiopia is only the 159th best country to do business in. There is a serious need for reforms of the framework conditions to create sustainable growth and decent jobs.

AACCSA sees light at the end of the tunnel

AACCSA has worked with DI to develop proposals that make it easier to do business in Ethiopia since 2014. For example, by developing a 2025-plan that can serve as blueprint for a political debate about easing access for private investments and getting a more transparent public sector. 

AACCSA’s constructive dialogue with the government has also resulted in a plan for increased privatization of ailing state-owned companies.

“There is still a lot to do but there is light at the end of the tunnel", says AACCSA’s deputy secretary general, Shibeshi Bettemariam.